Tuesday, 23 October 2012

"fully aroused breasts" and freedom of expression

It is not just over public art in in public parks that  censoring cultural wars are fought. And it is not just "fully aroused breasts" that arouse people. Sexually or otherwise.

Museums and Galleries around the world, self censor sexuality. There is only one art museum that I have seen, and I know I have not see too many, that dares to treat its audience like adults. That is MONA in Hobart. The Museum of New and Old Art  is a private collection open to the public and it is a collection  worth seeing just for the openness with which it shows sexually explicit Art  that would  normally not be shown to even the adult citizens of the ever increasing, cultural nazi, nanny states . States that treat even adults like children. Nanny states where even  an" image of a digital camera, which can share photos" sends a "prurient" message.

The group collected enough signatures from county residents to impanel a grand jury, an option that’s available in only a few states.
Reilly said the female figure was holding a camera, not a cellphone. But Cosby said the statue’s “fully aroused breasts,” as well as the image of a digital camera, which can share photos, sent a “prurient” message.

                                                    MONA.  Hobart, Tasmania 

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/10/22/172221/in-fights-over-public-art-supporters.html#storylink=cpy

                                                     MONA   Hobart. Tasmania. 

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