Wednesday, 31 October 2012

from digital distribution to pigeon post.

"whoever publishes the photos first wins over the public opinion,"   senior IDF officer

Photos matter.  And getting them out or preventing their distribution is a serious matter in our contemporary wars. Digital distribution makes their quick dispersal easier and quicker  It also makes  control easier.  The use of jamming devices that can jam digital media and prevent the electronic broadcast of images  is  leading to inventive ways  of countering that control.  Ways that hark back to older systems  of communication.  Pigeon post, for example. 

A shipload of medicine riled up the Israeli government enough. The discovery that the activists on board the Estelle included carrier pigeons, which were prepared to deliver photographic evidence of Israeli attacks on the passengers, has them downright livid.

According to IDF assessments, the pigeons carried digital tags, which were attached around their legs, containing photos of Israeli soldiers as they seized the ship. It is believed the photos were aimed for global media distribution.

Pro-Palestinian Israeli activist Yonatan Shapira, who was on board the ship, confirmed the IDF assessment, saying: "We tagged some of the carrier pigeons with digital memory cards containing photos showing IDF soldiers using taser guns.

"We must to be creative when fighting the battle over the public image," Shapira added.

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